Friday, February 3, 2012

The Monster called 'Back-out' – Part I

Amongst the many complains of a Recruiter against the Candidates, the most common one is that of a “candidate back-out” / candidate not joining a company after receiving the offer. It is a problem that all recruiters inadvertently face at all stages of THEIR LIFECYLE in recruitments !
Taking a step backwards, the TASK of making a candidate appear for an interview seems to be a gigantic TASK in itself at times. With the boom in multiple job openings and the shortage of appropriate skilled employees, life is surely not a smooth ride for the recruiters who are faced with multiple challenges at all stages of the recruitment cycle, the first of which is finding the appropriate ( 'right' ) candidate. Though the quality and quantity of candidates looking for a job, has increased dramatically, there is surprisingly, a dearth of the 'right' candidate.
This is accentuated by the fact that most of the 'right' candidates are passive job seekers. These are the people who are good at what they do, which is easily recognised and rewarded by their employers . Also, these are the people who can easily find opportunities based on references and recommendations and hence they do not feel the need to float their CV in the market.
Not to forget the burgeoning recruiter community which is adding to the woes of the recruiter himself . This is to say that these days we have more fellow recruiters chasing the same 'right' candidate that we are seeking and at times for the same opportunity as well ! So, the recruiter just doesn't need to find a better candidate, but has to win the race to reach him faster too.
The candidate's actions , the recruiter's perspective
So after all the hard-work of identifying the right candidate, reaching up to him way ahead of others and generating his interest for an opportunity, it surely comes as a big setback to the recruiter if the candidate backs out.
Most often, in such situations we see recruiters complaining about the candidates and their so called 'careless' or 'unprofessional' attitude. However, if we dig deeper, we will find that it is only so very human for the candidates to behave the way they do and the recruiters surely have ways and means to eliminate such cases instantly at the first level itself.
Lets look at instances where candidates back out and the recruiter blames them. But lets look at it from a non-recruiter view point :
Candidate backs out as the current company retains him Lets visualise ourselves in the situation- You get an offer and you put down your papers. You have been a good performer and the company doesn't want to lose you. They offer you a raise / new project / team or whatever else fulfils your need/ needs. You are in a dilemma. A job change brings with itself so many other changes. You have to be in a new place amongst new people. Get acquainted with a new team, new boss, new work culture. Prove yourself all over again. It might even change the time at which you wake up in the morning based on the new org's timings and the location. Yes, changing a job, definitely jolts a person at least once out of his comfort zone. There is unsettling and resettling . Therefore, in this framework, if your current employer offers you all or most of what you are getting in a new job plus the advantage of remaining in your comfort zone, you will surely be tempted to stay back and say to your recruiter his most dreaded words - ' I have decided to stay with my current org. ! '
So fellow recruiters, lets stop blaming the candidate in case he is retained by his co. You would have probably done the same in his position !
(There is definitely a flip side to getting retained in the org., but that is a different discussion altogether.)
The candidate leaves your offer for another job offer – Again, lets visualise ourselves. If you are looking for a job change, you would obviously not apply to a single org. only.You would definitely like to apply to multiple companies and then finally decide after carefully weighing all the options. Also, to expect that all the candidates would disclose to their recruiters the companies they have applied to as well as the status therein, is extremely immature. The candidate would definitely be apprehensive and secretive about sharing the details of another offer till the time he doesn't receive it as there is uncertainty about the same and he doesn't want to risk losing the offer you already have gotten him. So, why do we have to prosecute the poor candidate for choosing what he deems is best for him and is trying to protect the same ?
Having stated the above, it is not to absolve all the candidates of any wrong-doing. Yes, they can be at fault in the manner they handle situations.
However, being the smart tribe that we are (successful recruiters do consider themselves to be a class above ! ) , lets broaden our outlook a little bit and stop admonishing the candidate who turns down our offer . This is because our 'Right' candidate sure has the 'right' to do so !
Note:: The next blog would be on ways & means through which the recruiters can avoid the so-called 'back-outs' by nipping the problem in the bud.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Life at Work – Archelons' Way !

Whenever you think of your work environment, what comes to your mind ? I hope the following pop-ups are definitely there -

Working with the best minds in the industry

Working with the rare picks of the industry is definitely an added feather in any organization's cap and this adds to the morale of the employees as well. Everyone is a master and everyone is a learner from other. Amazing flow of knowledge and experiences.

Manageable work loads

You should be the one to choose the task you want to perform and how much you can deliver with your 100 % inputs. This allows you to try your hands in various assignments and judge your own performance accordingly.

Being yourself

Working in your own natural style. When the person in you is not disturbed by any assignment or person around. Its gives you the freedom to explore yourself more and bring out the best out of yourself.

“ No Boss “ practice

There are mentors and guides, but no BOSS. There is no one to impose rules, regulations, or some typical working patterns. You are your own Boss and you are the one who has full command on yourself and your working pattern.

Fun at work

No monotony, no daily drama of same work, same clients and same processes. There is some element of fun with the team and working is so smooth that it gives you the zeal to work for yourself. No only this, there are various fun activities organized by the HR on a regular basis, in which all are involved irrespective of their ages or designations.

Complete ownership of the work

Full responsibility of all the work. Right from planning to delivering results, everything is credited to you. No involvement of others and trust shown by seniors is a great morale booster. And such a practice is so healthy that no one else is disturbed.

Physical space

A work space designed according to the comfort of the employees. Bright and colourful environment which pervades positive energy all the day round. Smartly chosen, ergonomically recommended work stations, hi-tech systems, topped with availability of breakout area.

Creativity in work styles

Keeping your creative eyes open and always keeping your nose busy to find something new to be added to your regular work style. But, the cherry on it is that you are encouraged to do so and provided with enough time and resources as well.

Working with top organizations

The organization appearing in top list of every second business magazine or always in the good books of various newspapers, tempts you to know more about them and to be associated with them. After all this you get to know them so close that you are an extended hand to them, feels the best.

Supportive HR & administrative Team

One just needs to give the best shots everyday and perform like a rockstar. Rest everything is taken care by the HR & admin team. Be it your compensation or rewards or an additional pat on back, everything. It makes one feel so relaxed and tension free, it becomes an addition to your list of motivations. Isn' t that great ?

If the answer is yes, then you are looking for being an ARCHELONER because that's how we work !

Contributed by Kajal Sengar

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hiring in E-Commerce - Archelons' Story

The e-commerce sector in India is bubbling with activity. With the funds freely flowing from the VCs, the number of e-commerce companies has been on a continuous rise which has been buoyed by MakeMyTrip's listing on the NASDAQ. The emergence of new entrants also means an increased demand for skilled professionals in this particular industry.
The hiring in e-commerce domain is distinct from that in any other industry. It may be close but is definitely not the same as that in IT or Retail .
Archelons stepped in this industry with Flipkart as its client a few years back. Hiring began for what was a start-up and a relatively unknown name at that point of time. Our recruiters were as excited as those at Flipkart themselves while selling the job opportunity and the idea. And that enthusiasm in our recruiters continues till date. Whether it has been in partnering Flipkart since past few years or hiring for Letsbuy,UrbanTouch or recently funded Valyoo Technologies, the recruiters at Archelons understand the needs of the e-commerce industry. It is that understanding and the excitement of our team which has made us one of the most sought after recruitment partners for the e-commerce companies. ( Interestingly, as soon as an e-comm start-up receives its funding, we receive a call for its hiring mandate :))
So what is it that has made us a success in this domain ? It is an understanding of the following three things-

1. Since most, if not all, e-commerce companies are start-ups, it is important to find candidates who have a 'Start-up DNA' ie candidates who are excited about a concept, who are interested in building something new, those who want to be part of a success story and are not afraid to take risk. Those looking for a big brand name, a swanky office, loads of perks with pre-defined roles and growth path in an org with structured and pre-defined processes with sane people will very well stay away from a start-up. So, while hiring for e-comm it is important to identify the DNA.
2.Next comes the technical skill sets and knowledge. Most e-comm companies look at candidates with strong basics and great analytical abilities. A candidate may not have exceptional hands-on technical knowledge of a particular skill set or technology that the company works on. But if he has his concepts clear, is willing to learn and adapt and can logically make use of his mind ( which trust me, not many of us can do) , he is fit for the company. It is important for the candidate to be flexible and be able to evolve with the fast paced changes happening in the industry.
3.Generalists and not specialists are preferred in this industry since the candidate may be expected to wear many hats at the same time. Hence it becomes important that the candidate has a sense of responsibility and ownership towards his work.
While our team at Archelons, tries hard to source technically suitable candidates, we also devise ways and means to identify the presence or absence of the above traits. And it is these continuous efforts which help us garner appreciation from both the clients as well as the candidates.
So as long as the funds are flowing in and there is a hiring spree, we hope to ride the e-commerce wave Right on Top !

Enjobs - An Archelons Venture

Archelons recently launched Enjobs - a recruitment referral platform. It kickstarted its operations in Madhya Pradesh on 1st Oct 2011 and has already become a roaring success. In less than 2 months of its launch, it has managed to break-even.
The operations have now expanded to Punjab and very soon Enjobs plans to spread its reach pan - India. The initial partners have been HDFC Bank and the next tie-up will be with Sunlife.
It has begun with entry-level hiring for Banking & Insurance domain and will soon move into hiring in other domains as well.


I recently recieved a mail from a client which was signed off as 'Happy Sourcing' . It immediately caught my attention. The line had a certain ring of positivity about it. Though it was written in plain black text, I could already imagine the line written in warm yellow with a big bright yellow smiley next to it !
'Happy Sourcing' is a very simple line, a line that recruiters would have so often repeated. Yet, the two mundane words are packed with a punch and can be interpreted in different ways -

It is a line with which every recruiter can start his day with - Happy Sourcing . Walking to his work station, carrying his laptop and morning cuppa coffee and carrying these two simple words in his attitude.

As the day at office progresses, a recruiter can have numerous reasons to be unhappy about - not getting the right candidate or not getting enough right candidates, clients not giving the shortlisting or shortlisted candidates not going for the interviews, candidates not getting offers or offered candidates not joining and so on. So amidst, all the disappointment, imagine the colleague sitting next to you turns around and says - 'Happy Sourcing'. I am sure to most of us it will either bring about a smirk or a smile. Either ways, it can infuse energy that can make the recruiter begin afresh.
'Happy Sourcing' can be understood in a completely different way as well. When I say 'Happy Sourcing' it can also mean I am happy sourcing. It means I am enjoying my work, enjoying recruitments and hence, I am happy sourcing.

So think about it, how would you like to interpret 'Happy Sourcing' ? Is it something that you would like to wish others or is it the state of mind you are in ?

Lest I keep you guessing what my interpretation would be, allow me to sign off by saying 'Happy Sourcing' !!!