Friday, December 30, 2011

Life at Work – Archelons' Way !

Whenever you think of your work environment, what comes to your mind ? I hope the following pop-ups are definitely there -

Working with the best minds in the industry

Working with the rare picks of the industry is definitely an added feather in any organization's cap and this adds to the morale of the employees as well. Everyone is a master and everyone is a learner from other. Amazing flow of knowledge and experiences.

Manageable work loads

You should be the one to choose the task you want to perform and how much you can deliver with your 100 % inputs. This allows you to try your hands in various assignments and judge your own performance accordingly.

Being yourself

Working in your own natural style. When the person in you is not disturbed by any assignment or person around. Its gives you the freedom to explore yourself more and bring out the best out of yourself.

“ No Boss “ practice

There are mentors and guides, but no BOSS. There is no one to impose rules, regulations, or some typical working patterns. You are your own Boss and you are the one who has full command on yourself and your working pattern.

Fun at work

No monotony, no daily drama of same work, same clients and same processes. There is some element of fun with the team and working is so smooth that it gives you the zeal to work for yourself. No only this, there are various fun activities organized by the HR on a regular basis, in which all are involved irrespective of their ages or designations.

Complete ownership of the work

Full responsibility of all the work. Right from planning to delivering results, everything is credited to you. No involvement of others and trust shown by seniors is a great morale booster. And such a practice is so healthy that no one else is disturbed.

Physical space

A work space designed according to the comfort of the employees. Bright and colourful environment which pervades positive energy all the day round. Smartly chosen, ergonomically recommended work stations, hi-tech systems, topped with availability of breakout area.

Creativity in work styles

Keeping your creative eyes open and always keeping your nose busy to find something new to be added to your regular work style. But, the cherry on it is that you are encouraged to do so and provided with enough time and resources as well.

Working with top organizations

The organization appearing in top list of every second business magazine or always in the good books of various newspapers, tempts you to know more about them and to be associated with them. After all this you get to know them so close that you are an extended hand to them, feels the best.

Supportive HR & administrative Team

One just needs to give the best shots everyday and perform like a rockstar. Rest everything is taken care by the HR & admin team. Be it your compensation or rewards or an additional pat on back, everything. It makes one feel so relaxed and tension free, it becomes an addition to your list of motivations. Isn' t that great ?

If the answer is yes, then you are looking for being an ARCHELONER because that's how we work !

Contributed by Kajal Sengar